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Lake Burton Civic Association 2020 Accomplishments

Lake Burton Community

  • Began restoration of Burton's original fire engine which lead to the purchase of an identical model of Big Red for VFD recruitment.
  • Held the LBCA’s 1st annual Wooden Boat Parade and Show at LaPrade's.  The event was very successful and sold $11,700 of LBCA merchandise.
  • Initiated “Summer Vibes' Concert Series”.  Contributions of $2,500 were received toward the purchase of a $5,000 portable PA system and generator for future shows and LBCA events.
  • Partnered with Rotary Club of Clayton to stage four public and one private boathouse concerts.  The last concert featured Banks and Shane where over 200 boats and approximately 1,000 people were in attendance.
  • The Tour of Homes was successful in selling a record 528 tickets while shuttling over 400 guests to four beautiful homes.
  • The annual LBCA Golf Tournament at Waterfall Club was a great success with 120 participants despite major changes to the traditional format.
  • Recruited LBCA’s first-ever major sponsor, TruVista, for the Tour of Homes and Golf Tournament.  The events were attended by TruVista senior management and 150 LBCA logoed, quality golf shirts were given to players.


  • Designed a new Centennial logo for merchandise and communication.
  • Approved financing ($80,000) for the editing and publishing of Mike Maffett's proposed book, “Our Southern Eden”.
  • Edited, produced and shipped 2,560 copies of “My Southern Eden” books.
  • Received, warehoused and shipped all books from a Marietta logistic firm.
  • Of the 1,582 books sold, 680 books were pre-sold.
  • Raised $40,000 from Georgia Power and Southern Company to produce a PBS Lake Burton Documentary.  Hosted a Centennial Kickoff preview party for the PBS Lake Burton Documentary at Waterfall Club which was attended by over 200 people.
  • Produced over 300 DVD copies of the documentary for distribution and sale.
  • Arranged for Camp High Harbour to host the LBCA’s Centennial Birthday party. The Burton Bash was to be hosted in their spacious and beautiful new dining facility.  Unfortunately, this event was canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Organized a Labor Day weekend Centennial closing fireworks show from Waterfall Club which was donated by Hal Rhoad from excess July 4th fireworks proceeds.
  • Held first “Popsicles in the Park” event to dedicate the Lake Burton Centennial and Big Red Plaques.


  • Held December and April fundraising efforts for the LBCA Scholarship Program.
  • Investigated establishing a trust account for scholarship funds with the North Georgia Community Foundation.
  • Assumed the complete administration and distribution of the LBCA Scholarship Fund from the Rabun County Board of Education.  Reviewed and awarded $44,319 of scholarships to 24 college-bound students while maintaining a $72,000 reserve.
  • Designed and implemented a Centennial Giving Effort which raised $124,000 from approximately 350 contributors.
  • Raised $50,000 in one week to respond to an emergency Rabun County Foodbank COVID call.  The money raised was matched by several families on Lake Burton.
  • Assisted Camp High Harbor and the Food Bank with personnel to pack and ship family emergency food boxes from bulk deliveries to the camp.
  • Increased Community Grants from a historical $10,000-$12,000 average to $40,000.


  • Revised budget process and timing for LBCA & LBCAF.
  • Restructured Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) grants to include information sharing and budget accountability.
  • Revised and redesigned LBCA logo for electronic compatibility.
  • Printed and produced 2,000 LBCA bumper stickers to replace old logo.
  • Designed, fabricated, and sold three different types of LBCA flags.
  • Revised, redesigned, and continuously updated LBCA website for member messaging.
  • Designed and sent 'Thank You' notes to all major contributors.
  • Began using LBCA email to promote sales and events through LBCA social media channels Facebook/Instagram and third-party Nextdoor/Facebook channels.
  • LBCA began discussions to joint venture with Lake Rabun Association, (LRA) for a professional study of wake boat impact (WBI) on our lakes - the number one concern of both of our memberships.  If the WBI study provides the anticipated results, it will begin the process of changing legislation necessary to enforce change in boating behavior.
  • Reorganized LBCA Board member count to recruit and establish a larger annual class.  This led to this year’s record number of new directors:  8 total, 6 new and 2 returning.

COVID-19 Cancellations

  • Joint Georgia Power / LBCA lake cleanup day (May).
  • LBCA Annual Meeting at Fred's Shed (June).
  • Burton Bash centennial celebration at Camp High Harbour (August).

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