Lake Burton Civic Association

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When does the lake drawdown?

Lake Burton Annual Drawdown Schedule

November 1, 2022  | Lake starts down gradually from Normal (1865.0 elevation)
January 16, 2023 | Lake is 13’ feet down (1852.0 elevation)
January 26, 2023 | Lake starts up from (1852.0 elevation)
March 1, 2023 | Lake is within 5’ feet of Normal pool (1860.0 elevation)
May 1, 2023 | Lake is back to Normal summer pool (1865.0 elevation)

This year the lake will go down an additional 6’ feet to (1852.0 elevation) to support dry hydrant maintenance work being performed by the Rabun County Fire Department.

To receive a construction permit for new structures or for maintenance of existing structures, a construction application must be submitted to Georgia Power for approval. Applications must be reviewed and approved by Georgia Power before starting construction.

If you have questions regarding the lake drawdown, please call Georgia Power at  706-746-1450.