Lake Burton Civic Association

Lake Burton Civic Association

The Lake Burton Civic Association (LBCA) is organized as a not-for-profit organization for the mutual benefit of its members.  The purpose of the LBCA is to promote and maintain the interests and concerns of Lake Burton area residents in identifying and resolving mutual problems regarding safety, security, county services and water quality.  The LBCA provides significant support to the volunteer fire departments (VFDs) and other volunteer organizations serving the Lake Burton area, and maintains liaison with Georgia Power Company.  All persons (including co-owners and family members) who own, lease or share property in the Lake Burton area are encouraged to join.

The LBCA was formed in 1969 as the Tallulah River Civic Association (TRCA) to assist lake residents with various issues affecting them.  The name was changed to the Lake Burton Civic Association, Inc. in 1974.  The association became a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit civic association in 2000.  As a not-for-profit civic association, and not a home owners association, the LBCA has a responsibility to be a good citizen in the greater Rabun County community.  The LCBA currently has approximately 1,000 memberships consisting, mostly, of two persons each.  These 2,000 individuals have an important voice in Rabun County.

In 2000, the LBCA also formed the Lake Burton Civic Association Foundation, Inc. (LBCAF) as a supporting 501(c)(3) charitable foundation to receive tax deductible charitable contributions.  A portion of the LBCA dues, and all donations received, are transferred to LBCAF.  All money raised by the LBCA Tour of Homes and the Annual LBCA Golf Tournament is earmarked for the foundation in support of the Lake Burton area VFDs and other Rabun County charities.

During the last 15 years, LBCA and LCBAF have contributed over $550,000 to support the three VFDs serving Lake Burton.  These contributions have made it possible to purchase equipment, supplemental insurance and other needs not funded by Rabun County.  Contributions of over $115,000 through the LBCAF made it possible to purchase the Lake Burton Fire and Rescue Boat and build the boat house on Murray Cove to house the boat and a Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Ranger boat.  In addition, the LBCA has provided $82,000 for the installation of dry hydrants and stand pipes in strategic locations around the lake.  These dry hydrants and stand pipes supply water to the VFD tank and pumper trucks responding to fires.  This program is ongoing.  Along with the West Rabun Property Owners Association (WRPOA), the County Fire Committee and the VFDs, the LCBA has worked to lower the insurance ISO ratings, reducing the annual insurance premiums by several hundred dollars each year. The LBCA was also instrumental in the establishment of the Wildcat VFD to provide coverage for its section of the lake.  The LBCA and the LBCAF have also made donations to support various Rabun County Charitable Organizations of over $110,000.

Safety is another area to which the LCBA devotes a great deal time and attention.  The LBCA works with Georgia Power Company and the Georgia DNR to sponsor an annual Boating Safety Course for all who use the Lake. The LBCA provides funds for off-duty deputy sheriffs to ride with DNR officers so that there can be two people in each boat as they patrol the lake.  LBCA has also provided funds for the purchase of equipment for use in these patrol boats.  In 2012, the LBCA purchased 500 Vials of Life, in cooperation with the Rabun County Sheriff‘s Department, to contain important emergency contact and medical information to be placed in your refrigerator for use by responders in case of an emergency.

The LBCA has been involved in securing many of the improvements that contribute to the quality of life on the lake.   Our association worked closely with the WRPOA and the county to install a recycling center on Laurel Lodge Road.  We have worked with the county and WRPOA on road paving and maintenance.  The LBCA maintains a close working relationship with the Georgia Power Land Office and co-sponsors the annual Lake Burton Cleanup Day with them.

The concerns facing us today remain much the same as those addressed by the TRCA in the early 1970‘s.  They include: roads, road signage, garbage disposal, lake safety, security and fire protection.